Welcome to Auxenion Research  AG

Founded 2017

We are developing a proteomics-assisted drug
discovery platform that continuously generates
novel targeted therapeutics with a focus on
oncology and cancer immunotherapy

Dr. Viktoria Reinm├╝ller Dr. Roman Marty
Co-Founder Co-Founder

Urmi Prasad Richardson Thomas Stapp Prof. Tariq Mughal
Business Strategy Advisor Business Strategy Advisor Scientific Advisor
President EMEA at
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Investor, Operator & Entrepreneur
and Bain External Advisor
Clinical Professor of Medicine at
Tufts University School of
Medicine, Boston, MA, and Scholar
in Precision Oncology at City of
Hope, Durate, CA

Auxenion Research AG | Gewerbestrasse 18 | 4123 Allschwil | Switzerland